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InfoTrends 2014 Greeting Card Review

AccuLink and ColorLogic featured in InfoTrends 2014 Greeting Card Review, read some products and guides here.

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SAM Case Study

Consultant Focuses On Niche and Avoids Costly Move Challenge: A sales management consultant to the insurance and financial industries competes with national publishers by customizing his sales activity planner books with his customer’s unique training tools. Some large accounts have

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Regency Case Study

Multi-Touch Marketing Produces 1432% ROI By Heidi Tolliver-Walker, PSDA Want proof that a combination of multi-channel marketing and personalization works?  Take a look at the campaign produced by Regency Business Solutions for Paragon Commercial Bank.  Working through AccuLink, Regency developed a three-stage,

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New Commercial Print Opportunities with HP Indigo 10000

See how our new HP Indigo 10000 press is helping us meet new commercial print opportunities.

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Digital Embossing with 3dUV™

Digital Embossing Is Here! By Heidi Tolliver-Walker, PSDA Part of the value of being a print distributor is being able to offer solutions to even the most difficult marketing challenges. Historically, one of these challenges has been short-run embossing. The

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Crystal Ball to Direct Mail

Do You Have a Crystal Ball? Direct Mail is not going away any time soon, but there is no question that it is changing. Over the next several years, we can expect that direct mail will allow us to greatly

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HP Indigo 10000 Press Release

HP Creates New Revenue Opportunities for AccuLink with HP Indigo 10000 Digital press offers extensive high-quality print options and flexibility for an expanded range of high-value commercial applications PALO ALTO, Calif – HP today announced that AccuLink, a Greenville, NC-based

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Title Line – 46 Char Max (Recommended 40 Char)

Your title line should relate to the first sentence in your post. The post should be primarily original content relevant to the title line with optional referenced copy from other sources in very small quantities. The referenced content should be displayed using

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How Can Marketing Keep Control Of The Brand?

Branding Control Made Easy If you manage or work in a busy marketing department you likely know these scenarios. I need you to stop what you’re doing and design this custom (sales sheet, billboard, poster, print ad etc.). For some reason

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Direct Mail – Here Today – Gone Tomorrow?

Direct Mail: Personalized, Relevant and Timely I don’t know about you, but I found 2012 to be a year of great experimentation about how we communicate with our marketplace. Growing our top and bottom lines has never been easy, but

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