Cross Media Marketing Services

Cross Media Marketing Services

People do business and make contributions to organizations they trust and trust comes from positive relationships. Positive relationships are developed over time and are strengthened when common interests are acknowledged. AccuLink specializes in highly personalized communications that engage prospects, strengthen relationships and measure results. We design, manage and carry out programs that range from direct B2B/B2C marketing to nonprofit fundraising. We believe strongly that all campaigns should offer positive ROI and we have advanced tools for recording responses and automatically delivering messages across many channels. Today a marketer must recognize that consumers must be communicated to with relevant messaging, in a media they prefer and at a proper time. AccuLink has the tools and ability to make this happen.

Measurable Results

Consumers today have limitless access to information about product and service recommendations. Marketing “push” messaging still plays a role in brand identity and consumer education but if consumers have no relationship with you or feel your message is not right for them they will go elsewhere to shop. Social networks, email, text messaging and traditional marketing channels now ALL need to be considered in your marketing mix. AccuLink can help you profile your prospects and find the proper communication channels.

AccuLink provides data profiling with on-line surveys, personalized URLs (PURLs microsites) and campaign specific URLs that engage prospects and collect relevant information in a cloud based dashboard ready for 24/7 monitoring. These campaign URLs are ideal for segmenting your audience and directing them to THEIR areas of interest. Automated “touches” via email, SMS text messaging and direct mail can all be triggered by how your prospects respond to your messaging. All responses are recorded in real-time and can feed your CRM system and alert your sales force with “sales-ready” leads.

AccuLink enhances communications with unique products such as the Intelimailer™, Reveal Cards, and 3dUV™ Scodix Digital Embossing. Our design team and unusual direct mail products all outperform typical response rates and lead to more successful results. Keep your prospects engaged with attention grabbing messaging so your message gets read and responses get measured!

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