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orderXpress Overview

eCommerce – orderXpress online catalogs drive revenue and costs savings simultaneously. AccuLink provides all the infrastructure you need to take your marketing collateral and corporate identity products to the web where transactions can be monitored and controlled. Ideal for franchises and businesses with multiple locations or a distributed sales force, we offer a platform where your critical digital assets can be stored, accessed and customized with permission based controls.

What is orderXpress?

orderXpress is a hosted web portal, often called a “storefront” where all sorts of products and even services can be accessed via the internet. Consider this to be a centralized catalog where important marketing collateral, corporate identity materials and most any sought after product can be ordered by members within your organization or customers outside your organization. In essence, orderXpress is a rules based catalog in the cloud where YOU control who has access to various offerings as well as the content of documents. For example, marketing materials can be dynamically designed such that corporate branding guidelines are adhered to but specific content may be tailored to the needs of the order placer.

Who uses orderXpress?

There are no limitations for who can use a platform as robust as orderXpress but typically those who immediately benefit are organizations that have a need to control maverick spending, are looking for ways to merge vendors, control their branding and make marketing materials more relevant and accessible without losing control over messaging. Typically organizations with many departments or locations are ideal candidates for this service. AccuLink offers orderXpress to our trade partners as well as direct relationships recognizing that many organizations have a limited need for this powerful portal and can’t afford the infrastructure that it takes to support this service in-house. In these instances AccuLink operates behind the scenes as a strategic partner with complete trade protection.

What products typically are in a catalog?

Currently AccuLink hosts products ranging from corporate identity items such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes to marketing collateral like sales sheets, brochures and direct mail materials. However static items such as medical testing equipment, posters, apparel and promotional products can all be offered within this environment. orderXpress can be both a “print on demand” system where there is zero inventory of products to a monitored inventory management system with pick’n pack fulfillment services.

Who administers orderXpress?

AccuLink has a rigorous process for developing a scope of work document to be sure our orderXpress solution truly is proper and meets the overall goals of your organization. Beyond understanding the products themselves is the need for understanding the business rules that need to be met. In other words we allow you to control which “groups” have access to various products and services. Editing privileges and approval processes can be put in place on each product such that administrative effort is minimized. Cost centers and accounting details can be set up in the beginning such that summary billing each month is convenient and correct.

How much does orderXpress cost?

Good question. However every orderXpress site is different and has different costs based on the goals of the client and infrastructure required to meet those needs. A better question is “how much are you spending NOW on transactional orders?” This is often a more difficult question to answer but it deserves attention. At the very least you can assume every “touch” inside an organization costs at least $15. So, imagine the simple order of a business card from a local printer. Count the several times an individual is involved from the time of original request, to proof, to approval, to receipt and add at least $15 to each of those events. Those are real costs and they have nothing to do with the real print costs. orderXpress streamlines that order process and drives the internal costs out of every transaction. Also consider the strain on internal marketing and design departments with common alteration requests to branded materials. With orderXpress template designs can be established in the cloud so orders can be placed remotely with approved editing and no need for micromanaging individual orders at the central office – again, BIG savings in time, cost and brand integrity!

How long does it take to get a orderXpress site up and running?

Again, this varies on complexity of the site and overall scope of work but site deployments can be working in a matter of days if necessary. However, as is normally the case, taking the time on the front end of a project to plan and scope out the best approach to solve client goals will save time, money and resources in the long run.

Can I see a demo?

Yes, we urge demos but before we take the time for a private demo we’d like to know more about you and your organizational objectives first so that we can match the right demo to your interests.

AccuLink’s investments in technology and human resources allow you to focus on your core business. Whether your project involves a web to print solution or a complex cross media marketing campaign you can rest assured you found the right technology partner with AccuLink. Our IT team works across many platforms that drive costs out of transactions through automation, reporting and cloud based technologies.

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