Printing Overview

AccuLink enhances communications with value added services only specialized equipment and skilled operators can deliver. This means latest software, training and technologies rarely found in traditional printing plants. Having focused on highly personalized and versioned printing since 1980 AccuLink approaches every project with a mindset to deliver the greatest results in the most efficient way. Consider AccuLink to be your trusted trade partner so you can focus on client relationships while leaving the project production and infrastructure to us!

 Services for Printing

Our fleet of HP Indigo presses print on a variety of substrates up to 20.5″ x 29.5″ in one to seven colors with offset quality, yet in quantities as low as one. Printing directly from digital files means no costly plate or setup charges, thereby saving you both time and money. Digital printing allows for highly personalized variable printing with content driven directly from your CRM data. This means more relevant messaging, improved response rates and greater return on your marketing spend! Turn your invoices and statements into marketing vehicles that receive 100% readership. Newsletters can be versioned based on interests and needs of your clients. Fund raising messages address your constituency with the respect and attention to their giving history they deserve and appreciate.

Benefits from digital printing are not limited to direct mail. Tremendous savings result from printing on demand thereby avoiding costly obsolescence. Check out our e-commerce orderXpress™ portal for online print orders where your repetitive print orders can be shifted online for both static and dynamic printed documents. Printing on demand is ideal for multi office locations and franchise businesses that demand brand consistency but freedom to customize information unique to their individual locations.

Packaging is another ideal application for AccuLink’s digital printing ability. Packaging prototypes are both quick to market and affordable which allows designers the flexibility to test market alternative designs at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Over 30% of AccuLink’s production involves trade bindery services which translates to multipage documents of all types. Self published perfect bound books, yearbooks, photo albums, training manuals, cookbooks and product catalogs are all examples of digitally produced books generated through our trade bindery facility on any given day.

3dUV™ Scodix Digital Embossing

In 2011 AccuLink introduced the first Scodix 1200 digital UV press to the US commercial printing world. Using our trademarked name 3dUV™ AccuLink enhances printed documents with a digitally applied UV polymer in variable heights up to 250 microns – the approved height of braille by the National Institute for the Blind. Often called Scodix “Sense” our 3dUV™ treatment is a post press application that enhances documents with a tactile sense that is 10 times more memorable than traditional print according to a recent neurological study. Scodix UV may be applied to most any substrate with a coating tension capable of holding the UV polymer such as gloss or matte papers, approved laminates and synthetic materials used for covers, loyalty cards, book covers, marketing materials and packaging. Learn how to design your own Scodix enhanced 3dUV™ document using our special tips design tools and deliver unique and memorable documents of your own!


For direct mail marketing we offer the Intelimailer™ (often called The Easymailer or Transformailer) as a surefire mailing envelope guaranteed to be opened. The unique construction allows for highly personalized and secure documents to be printed and converted together such that all inserted pieces match and even include return envelopes or “buckslip” cards. View our video for more information and check out our design template to design your own!

Reveal Cards

Reveal Cards by AccuLink are designed for high impact direct mail in need of exceptional readership and high ROI. Designs are varied and constantly getting updated. Designed to engage the recipient, Reveal Cards encourage an interactive experience which make marketing messaging more memorable and interesting.

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