3dUV™ Scodix digital embossing

3dUV™ VDP Journal

AccuLink enhances printed sheets with 3dUV™ Scodix digital embossing using the new Scodix Sense UV press.

This amazing imaging technique is applied using an inkjet technology that accentuates images as a clear spot color on pre-printed sheets. Enhanced images are stored on the Scodix press and registered to the printed sheet via OPA registration dots pre-printed with the parent sheet. The effects are phenomenal and are ideal for simulating blind embossing, creating Braille text or simply generating unique images for impressive tactile designs.

3dUV™ Book

Studies have shown that adding the sense of touch increases memory retention by a factor of ten. This ability becomes hugely beneficial on important marketing materials and packaging designs. Even direct mail, book covers and business cards reach a heightened level of attention using this innovative service.

Our designers have developed useful tools for our printing partners to use when creating their own designs. We urge you to download our Prep Guidelines and experiment with us. Our award-winning team has a lot of experience advising clients and creating distinct designs that get fantastic results.

3dUV™ Scodix digital embossing has proven very beneficial for packaging prototypes and short run targeted packaging projects where expensive dies can be time and cost prohibitive. The effects achieved with 3dUV™ Scodix digital embossing also generate positive ROI on direct mail marketing materials that need quick response and attention. Check out our case studies and testimonials to learn more!