Title Line – 46 Char Max (Recommended 40 Char)

Title Line Template Image

Your title line should relate to the first sentence in your post. The post should be primarily original content relevant to the title line with optional referenced copy from other sources in very small quantities.

The referenced content should be displayed using quoted verbatim copy and following this with a link to the full source. See HTML source code for block quote tag or highlight text and use ” from toolbar above.  – outside source

Save all posts as drafts to be reviewed by editors and published by them to the site. Your SEO must relate to the posts title line and have a strong rating. See more about this later. Use only approved images from the Library in your posts. Small and Medium sizes are best. Adding captions and descriptions is not advised. However, making your title and alternate text match the SEO keyword will increase your rating, you can check the https://www.sayaseo.com website to get assistance on this. Images should be either right or left aligned. Middle alignment exceptions can be made for logos or linear type images. If you have any images that you would like to use that are not in the library, please submit request to admin@acculink.com.

Wondering if you have enough relevant content based on your title line?

Update and check the SEO Page Analysis. This will give you pointers on what you need to increase your ranking. Adding headers is suggested. Please only use <h5> at this time. This can be added by going to the HTML view or copying the bold header above. These headers are used to delineate between different topics. Also, 300 words is the recommended minimum copy amount.

Lastly, check your permalink. Edit it to the relevant keyword if possible. Check you spelling and view your post. Tags and Categories should be used to index your post for easy retrieval. See supplied suggested Categories and Tags from web admin. Contact admin@acculink.com when your post is ready for publishing.

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